Project Description


With the development of the economy, the demand for lubricants is also increasing, and the amount of used lubricating oil changed every year is also increasing. If these waste oils are thrown into the environment, they will cause serious environmental pollution. The industrialization of waste lubricating oil renewable resources belongs to the category of recycling of ecological resources in line with the national industrial policy and the requirements for the country to develop a recycling economy and protect the environment.

We built a 18,000T/a waste oil recycling project in China.

Project Construction Overview

  • Project Name: 18,000T/a waste lubricant recycling project;

  • Nature of the industry: waste resources and recycling of waste materials;

  • Total investment: 20 million yuan;

  • Land area: 14,000 square meters, construction area 5,120 square meters;

  • Greening area: The whole plant has a green area of 1820 square meters, and the greening rate is 13%;

  • Number of employees: 30 staff members;

  • Hours of work: 300 days for the whole year, 24 hours for the day, and 7,200 hours for the whole year;

Overall Factory Map

Project Overview

No Product name Design ability
Annual running hours Annual running days Product whereabouts
1 Third-line oil 9497.2 7200h 300d Sale
2 Second-line oil 3630.2 7200h 300d Sale
3 First-line oil 602.3 7200h 300d Sale
4 Light oil 287 7200h 300d Sale

Project Showcase

Distillation tower

Distillation tower

Tank and warehouse storage (100m³ storage tank)

Tank and warehouse storage ( 500m³ storage tank)

Perfect Testing Center

Project Showcase

Exhaust gas burns in boiler room

Alkaline water membrane desulfurization and denitrification

Prevention and control measures of wastewater pollution

Prevention and control measures of solid waste pollution

Used for temporary storage of waste white clay residue and oily sludge