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TY Series Vacuum Turbine Oil Purifier


TY Series Vacuum Turbine Oil Purifiers are applied to thermal power generator set,hydroelectric generating set,nuclear power station and steam turbine set with large amount of turbine oil.They can purify the oil in due time before it is deteriorated. Furthermore,TY series turbine oil purifiers can treat oil with gas and water content,deteriorated oil,oil with acid,oil with foam and emulsified oi l to efficiently remove the water,gas and impurities in that. By this way,they ensure the oil properties to meet the requirements of GB/T7596-2000 Turbine Oil Standard and to guarantee normal working ofturbine generator set and its lubricating system.
TY Series Turbine Oil Purifiers can realize on line operation such as oil demulsification,dehyd ration and filtration to make the heavily emulsified and muddy turbine oil clean and tran sparent.

  • Adopt three-dimensional flash evaporation technique to get strong ability to break emulsion and remove water from the oil.

  • Adopt the latest Chinese and international technique which is integrated with gravity method,evaporation metbod,aggregation method,vacuum Sparation and mechanical filtration etc.

  • High precision multi-stage filtration system with large pollutant­-containing capacity helps to remove mechanical impurities in oil effectively. The machine also has function of automatically detecting the pollution degree of filter element.

  • Advanced fully autolllatic temperature controlling system,liquid-level controlling system,defoaming controll ing system,pressure protecting system and excellent configuration can ensure operation of the eqllipment with high performance.

  • Optimized heating system with automatic constant temperature controller ensures that oil temperature to be even and stable.

  • Can be working online and on-site without supervision,and with its lamps indicative of operation status.

  • With electrical control inter-lock design for oil inlet system and heating system to avoid bad influence of incorrect operation.

  • Humanization design with low noise,deep purification and long time free maintenance to save cost from the running process.

  • Equipped with emergency stop for electric leakage and power overload to protect the motor.

  • Equipped with indication for changing filters and automatic stop device for overloaded filters.

  • With phase-sequence,phase lose protection function and safety control for sudden shut-down.

Optional Design Modes
  • Optional PLC  intelligent  control  with  touch  screen  operation  and operation status dynamic display.

  • Online moistllre tester and online particle counter are available as optional components.

  • The whole structure of the machine: mobiles style with four wheels,fixed style,mobile style with trailer(double axles or single axle), fully enclosed style,conceal eaves type and open style of canvaset.

Technical Specification

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