The danger of not changing the engine oil for a long time

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If the engine oil is used for a long time, the viscosity of the engine oil will be reduced, the water sample will be severe, and it will contain a lot of metal scraps and gels, which will seriously affect the service life and stable operation of the engine. The car engine can be said [...]

Quality control of regenerative lubricating oil

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The production of modern lubricants requires both good quality base oils, good quality additives and excellent additive formulations. It has been demonstrated in the production practice of natural lubricating oils that the quality of the lubricating oil depends both on the additive and on the base oil. The deeper the refined depth of the base [...]

Waste Engine Oil Refining Catalyst

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One. Catalyst developing background At present, that domestic waste engine oil and lubricating oil refining diesel is generally distilled by traditional ways, that is, distillation furnace plus a condenser refining. If no catalyst is added, the refined oil has a large viscosity and a high density. The surface is green and blue, and the appearance [...]

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