If the engine oil is used for a long time, the viscosity of the engine oil will be reduced, the water sample will be severe, and it will contain a lot of metal scraps and gels, which will seriously affect the service life and stable operation of the engine.

The car engine can be said to be the heart of the car, but do you know that if the engine oil of the car does not change for a long time, what harm will it cause to the heart?

1. the sealing effect is reduced

The high viscosity of the good engine oil can effectively block the gap between the cylinder block and the piston to prevent gas leakage. If the engine oil is not replaced for a long time, the engine oil will be watered and the sealing effect will be lost.

2. the cooling effect is reduced

The heat absorption and thermal conductivity of engine oil are much higher than water. If the engine oil deteriorates seriously, the heat dissipation function will be greatly reduced.

3. the lubrication is reduced

The viscous nature of the engine oil gives it a strong adhesion, and a protective film can be formed between the gear and the shaft to make it run smoothly and reduce wear. Deteriorated oil basically loses this effect.

4. the cleaning effect is reduced

Friction between metal parts generates debris, which causes impurities such as carbon deposits. If the engine oil is not changed for a long time, these impurities will deposit between the parts of the engine, posing a hazard to the operation of the engine.

Therefore, in order to protect the engine, we must regularly change the engine oil according to the requirements of the maintenance manual.

Then, if the vehicle is not used for a long time, and does not change the engine oil, what harm will it have to the vehicle? In addition to deterioration and emulsification, when the vehicle is idle, the first time the cold start, because the vehicle engine does not run for a long time, the oil has basically returned to the oil sump, and there is no oil film protection inside the engine. Cold start can cause excessive wear on the engine.

It is recommended that the vehicle be checked as regularly as possible during idle periods. If possible, drive the vehicle two to three weeks. This will not only charge the battery, but also check if the tire is out of gas, and can lubricate the engine and protect the engine components. If you are on a business trip or traveling outside, you can ask a friend or family member to help, and start the vehicle once a week to check if the engine is running abnormally, so as to ensure that there is no problem when using the car again.

Summary: Regarding how long it takes to replace the oil, from a small point of view, in general, it is sufficient to simply replace it with the maintenance mileage recommended in the oil or maintenance manual. In a bad driving environment, the habit of regularly observing the oil condition is developed, and it is found that there is a tendency to deteriorate and it is replaced in time.