The cycle of engine oil replacement

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In the case of using the original engine oil, we need to replace the engine oil according to the instructions in the maintenance manual. After the new car was bought back, it was maintained in the 4S shop. The maintenance engine oil was also the so-called original engine oil. In this case, it is only necessary [...]

What are the causes of engine oil deterioration?

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The operation of the fuel engine is inseparable from the protection of the lubricating oil. Looking at a fully loaded car whizzing past, from the perspective of personal safety and property safety, the maintenance of oil should pay more attention.As the engine oil increases, the engine oil is contaminated by high temperature oxidation, mechanical parts [...]

Collection and identification of waste engine oil

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The use of waste engine oil is one of the important measures to save oil. As long as the waste engine oil is carefully collected, stored and then regenerated, the waste engine oil is fully usable. To make good use of waste engine oil, first we must collect and keep the waste engine oil. The [...]

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