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Type and principle of waste oil recycle

Abstract Engine oils are made from crude oil and its derivatives by mixing of certain other chemicals (additives) for improving their certain properties. Lubricating oil is used to lubricate moving parts of the engine, reducing friction, protecting against wear, and [...]

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Waste Oil Recycling

As above picture has shown, The ideal treatment for waste engine oil is to refine diesel oil from used engine oil, then how about the profit of recycling one ton of used engine oil and how much we can earn? [...]

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Why Recycle Motor Oil & Filters

According to the EPA, the used oil from one DIY oil change can contaminate 1 million gallons of water if dumped into a storm drain. Motor oil gets dirty while powering your engine, but these elements can be removed infinitely [...]

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Who We Are

We are a company specializing in waste oil recovery equipment such as waste engine oil/automobile oil/lubricating oil/hydraulic oil/ship oil/transformer oil. We have professional technical engineers and our projects are all over the world.

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