As above picture has shown, The ideal treatment for waste engine oil is to refine diesel oil from used engine oil, then how about the profit of recycling one ton of used engine oil and how much we can earn?

Operating costs RMB/Day Based on 10tons equipment
Waste oil 10tons * 2300RMB/day = 23000 RMB
Heating fuel
(choose one of them)
1)coal:0.4tons* 400RMB/tons = 160RMB
2)fuel:0.6tons * 300RMB/tons = 1800RMB
3)diesel:0.5 tons * 4800RMB/tons = 2400RMB
4)natural gas:200m3 * 2.2RMB/m3 = 450RMB
Power consumption 25Kw/h*1RMB*20h = 500RMB
water consumption water is recycled and less consumption
labor 1-2 person * 200RMB= 400RMB
income RMB/Day
diesel 8 tons * 4900RMB/tons = 39200RMB
asphalt 1.5tons * 1100RMB/tons = 1650RMB
Profit RMB/Day 14550RMB/day


According to above table of profit analysis, taking 10 tons/day waste oil processing equipment as an example, the main cost is 10 tons of waste engine oil 23,000 RMB, heating fuel is calculated according to the most expensive diesel 2400 RMB, electricity and labor costs 900 RMB.The cost per day is 26,300 RMB. The obtained diesel oil is calculated according to the oil output rate of 80% plus the sales price of 15% asphalt material is 40,850 RMB. 5% of the exhaust gas is used as fuel for recycling. Therefore, the profit of 10 tons of waste engine oil is 14550. RMB every day, then the average profit of a ton of waste engine oil is about 1,450 RMB, of course, if you use other cheap fuel for heating, the profit of one ton of waste engine oil will be high.


No 2:The Method of Waste Oil Recovery

  • Water Removal

After collecting the waste engine oil in the oil collection tank, put it in the oil refining pot, heat it to a certain temperature, stop heating, let it stand for about 24 hours, drain the surface of the clear water, and then slowly heat up to a certain temperature. (When the oil temperature is close to $2, it should be heated slowly to prevent the oil from boiling and overflowing), so that the water will evaporate. After about two hours, the oil will not turn, and the black oil and gas will appear on the oil surface.

  • Pickling

After the oil is cooled to normal temperature, sulfuric acid is slowly added under stirring (concentration is about 92 to 98%), and the amount of acid is generally determined according to the degree of fouling of the oil. After the acid is added, stirring is continued for half an hour, and then left to stand for about 12 hours to drain the acid slag.

  • Alkali washing

The acid-washed engine oil is reheated, and soda ash (Na2CO3) is added under stirring. After stirring well, let it stand for 1 hour, then test it to neutrality with test paper, and then let it stand for more than 4 hours and then slag the alkali slag.

  • Activated clay adsorption

The oil is heated to a certain temperature and kept at a constant temperature. The activated clay is added under constant temperature and stirring (the amount is about 3.5-5% of the oil). After the activated clay is added, stirring is continued for half an hour, and the mixture is allowed to stand at a specific constant temperature. One night, the next day was hot filtered.

  • Filter

It can be filtered by oil filter and filtered to obtain qualified oil. If there is no oil filter, the bag filter method can also be used.