How is Used Oil Recycled?

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Once oil has been used, it can be collected, recycled, and used over and over again. An estimated 380 million gallons of used oil are recycled each year. Recycled used oil can sometimes be used again for the same job or can take on a completely different task. For example, used motor oil can be [...]


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One gallon of used motor oil seems harmless enough. It's hard to be a mechanic without getting it on your hands, your tools, your clothes. Generally, there's no noticeable damage-at least none that a good scrubbing or laundry day won't remedy. So what's all the fuss about the dangers of used motor oil? The fact [...]


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If your business produces waste oil, you are familiar with the trials and tribulations that come with disposal. Handling a highly toxic substance puts you in a position of high-risk, so minimizing that is in your best interest as a business owner. Recycling your waste oil is a good option, one that many business owners [...]

Used Oil

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Did you know... pint of oil can make a slick an acre square? quart of oil will foul the taste of 250,000 gallons of drinking water? ...used oil mixed with hazardous waste can have toxic or carcinogenic effects on humans? Used oil is any oil that has been refined from crude or synthetic [...]

Recycling/Disposal of Used Oil

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Did you know that used motor oil never wears out? It just gets dirty and can be recycled, cleaned, and used again. Recycling used motor oil conserves a natural resource (oil) and is good for the environment too! Motor oil poured onto the ground or into storm drains, or tossed into trash cans (even in [...]

The source of waste oil

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1)waste oil of equipment when replacing lubricating oil.Whether the oil is changed regularly or by quality, the waste oil replaced by equipment is the main source of waste oil recovery. 2) leakage of equipment.Some equipment exists oil leakage, oil seepage phenomenon, which can be used for a variety of recovery measures, at any time to [...]

Easy ways to check the lubricant quality by self

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Identification of deterioration During the use of lubricating oil, some bulk oils deteriorate due to improper storage. Therefore, to master more of the identification method of deteriorating lubricating oil, it will provide more protection for safe oil. First, the oil flow observation method: take two measuring cups, one of which contains the lubricating oil to [...]

Waste oil recovery and treatment

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The waste oil is sprayed on the road which is easy to dust, and the dust is adhered by the adhesive action, which is dustproof and is also a treatment method of the waste lubricating oil. In the United States, a significant portion of the recovered waste lubricating oil is used for this purpose. However, [...]

Use of waste oil

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  Engine oil is widely used in mechanical, chemical and other fields. Oil is often discarded when it is mixed with various impurities such as water, organic matter, pigment and dust. How can we recycle and reuse these waste oils that are mixed with various impurities? According to the principle that oil and water are [...]

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