1)waste oil of equipment when replacing lubricating oil.Whether the oil is changed regularly or by quality, the waste oil replaced by equipment is the main source of waste oil recovery.

2) leakage of equipment.Some equipment exists oil leakage, oil seepage phenomenon, which can be used for a variety of recovery measures, at any time to collect waste oil.For example: set oil pan, increase oil baffle plate, repair puddle in leaking part, collect spill oil in time with cloth.Be careful not to cut sawdust into waste oil.

3)Waste oil recovery Waste oil is recovered from the rag of the wiping machine equipment. Put the oily rags together, put them in a suitable container, add alkaline water, steam and cook, and recycle the waste oil and wash it with a rag. Oil regeneration

4) Waste oil recovery Recycle waste oil from chips. The use of high-quality cutting fluids and lubricants on the surface of the equipment can contain waste oil in the chips. Although the machine tool has already had the first recycling device, the chips introduced by the device still contain recyclable waste oil. Yancheng waste oil recovery According to the amount of chips, the waste oil is recovered by a centrifuge and a static method. Oil regeneration

5)Recover used oil from the oiling device. Waste oil can be recovered from the bottom of the lubrication station’s oil drums, storage tanks and oil cans.

Waste oil recovery This high-viscosity oil formulated with waste engine oil is ideal for lubrication of open or closed drive chains. Adding a few hundred kilometers per trip (while turning the rear wheel and adding drops) can double the chain life. For the open chain drive, it is easy to adsorb dust and cause the chain to scale, which causes the chain to rotate between the sleeve and the mandrel. It needs to be cleaned about every 2,000 km, and the used oil can achieve good cleaning effect. Oil regeneration

The waste oil recovery method is: replacing the oil in the hot car state, cleaning with a brush while rotating, cleaning with a sponge strip after cleaning, and then adding the high viscosity oil prepared as described above. This cleaning and lubrication effect is much better than using gasoline and kerosene, and there is no cost.