Waste oil refining is a very important equipment for providing energy for all walks of life. Its use will directly affect our basic knowledge. If you want to use it well, you need to first understand its basic knowledge.

In order to ensure safe and reliable operation of waste oil refining, it is first required to have satisfactory strength, rigidity and outstanding sealing. Strength refers to the ability of the equipment to resist damage under load. Each device, regardless of the casing or component, has a predetermined strength to ensure normal operation and personnel safety. Stiffness refers to the ability of the equipment to resist deformation under the effect of load. The lack of rigidity will also cause the equipment to lose its working ability. For example, if the equipment is operated under reduced pressure, if the stiffness (stability) is lacking, it will be unstable (the original shape is lost). It can’t work normally.

the sealing is also very important for the waste oil refining. If the flammable, toxic and strong corrosive medium leaks out, it will not only bring serious pollution to the environment, but also affect the health of the personnel and also cause fire. Waiting for a vicious incident.

Regarding the vacuum equipment in the waste oil refining, if the seal does not leak into the air, the vacuum is damaged, and it is not allowed, so the equipment should be tightly sealed during operation.

Waste oil refining in the process of refining, its materials, commodities and the use of catalysts, additives, etc. are chemical products, so the safety of the production process is particularly important, we must first have a better waste engine oil refining Basic knowledge preparation.