Waste oil is one of the biggest global environmental problems – WASTX Oil offers a decentralized solution

Dresden/Germany, September 18th 2018 – According to the American Petroleum Institutea single litre of waste oil contaminates up to one million litres of drinking water. This relates to a cube of water with an edge length of 10 meters! Per year there arise about 25 million tons of waste oil worldwide, up to 95 percent of it get burnt, deposited or get left in the nature. If there would be a way to use the energy of the waste oil arisen over the year, the 85 energetically weakest countries of the world could be supplied consistently, stable and low-priced with energy. BIOFABRIK Technologies, a business from Dresden, now offers a decentralized solution, promising to solve this exact problem.

All over the world, used oil is a waste product which arises in huge amounts and is hardly recycled, but, at the best, gets disposed environmental-friendly – in other words: burnt – in most of the countries. Worldwide, an estimated 25 million tons of waste oil are produced every year. This corresponds to a chain of one million articulated tank trucks lined up in a row with a length of 23,000 kilometers – a distance longer than from the North Pole to the South Pole.


At the same time, the American Petroleum Institute puts the amount of water contaminated by a single litre of waste oil at one million litres. If one were to assume that two thirds of the waste oil produced worldwide would be disposed of properly and that only one third would end up in nature and the water cycle – a more than optimistic estimate – approximately eight billion tons of water would still be permanently contaminated each year. This corresponds approximately to the amount of drinking water consumed by the world’s population each year!

While industrial nations such as Germany have strict guidelines for the disposal of these hazardous substances, by far the largest part of the world still has an unsolved problem. Take the Philippines, for example: 240 million liters of waste oil are produced there every year, a large part of which is incinerated, but waste oil is often dumped illegally into the ground or into water bodies and ends up in groundwater, rivers and the sea, destroying entire ecosystems and ultimately ending up in the human food chain. Without dramatizing, the example of the Philippines can probably be applied to most developing and emerging countries worldwide. In Germany, too, around 500,000 tons of waste oil are produced every year, as well as many times more polluted fuels, lubricants and oil industry waste, most of which has so far been incinerated.

However, waste oil would offer a valuable resource, if the contained energy could be used. Every litre of waste oil, polluted diesel or heating oil, encloses more than 90 percent of recyclable fuel. With the amount of the global annual waste oil, 85 of the world’s energetically weakest countries could be supplied with energy continuously and inexpensively which would have direct positive consequences on their industry and therefore the prosperity of their civilisation.

WASTX Oil – New path for waste oil

With the WASTX Flash-Technology BIOFABRIK designed a solution for the processing of liquid oily residues, like waste oil, polluted diesel, heating oil or seafaring oils, whereby not only one of the biggest environmental problems could be solved sustainably, but also it provides an income source for many people. Like this, a troublesome waste product becomes a reusable material for industry and communes.

Having the size of a big wardrobe, one WASTX Oil-Plant can process up to 1.000 litres of waste oil per day. In an unique process, polluted fuels get purified, condensed and therefore transformed back into a usable fuel within several minutes, automatically. In doing so, standard processes of the crude oil refining with completely new destillation and so-called Cold-Cracking-Technologies are combined. The outcome is the first decentralized and energy self-sufficient compact refinery for oily waste – ready for use at every place on earth.

For the transformation of the waste oil into fuel, WASTX Oil only needs a fractional amount of the produced fuel itself. Through this, the usage gets highly profitable and scalable with an efficiency of >75%. During the production a basic fuel is formed which can be used in conventional combustion engines and generators. The detached residues (approx. 10%) can be disposed conventionally. The compact construction and an attractive price allow the plant’s use at any desired location – either village, disposal firm or deep-sea vessel.

“With WASTX Oil we can offer the first decentralized, fully automated complete solution worldwide to recycle oily waste sustainably”, explains Oliver Riedel, the founder and CEO of BIOFABRIK corporate group. “Profting are especially countries in which, on the one hand energy is either non-existent or just sporadically and at high costs, but on the other hand, they are having huge problems with the disposal of their (oil) waste. A problematic material becomes a reusable material which can provide income and therefore ensures a higher living standard to the people in need.One daily production of WASTX Oil hereby, is adequate to fully supply 1’000 people with safe and climate-neutral energy, made of a former problematic substance, uninterruptedly.”