Worldwide, an estimated 25 million tpy of waste oil are produced. The American Petroleum Institute (API) estimates that the amount of water contaminated by a single litre of waste oil at 1 million litres.

While industrial nations, such as Germany, have strict guidelines for the disposal of these hazardous substances, the problem is unsolved throughout most of the world.

However, if the energy contained within the waste oil could be used it would offer a valuable resource. Every litre of waste oil, polluted diesel or heating oil, encloses more than 90% of recyclable fuel. With the amount of the global annual waste oil, 85 of the world’s energetically weakest countries could be supplied with energy continuously and inexpensively, which would have direct positive consequences on their industry and therefore the prosperity of their civilisation.

Biofabrik Technologies GmbH has developed the WASTX Flash-Technology solution for the processing of liquid oily residues, like waste oil, polluted diesel, heating oil or seafaring oils.

One WASTX Oil-Plant can process up to 1000 litres of waste oil per day. Polluted fuels are purified, condensed and therefore transformed back into a usable fuel within several minutes, automatically. In doing so, standard processes of crude oil refining with completely new destillation and so-called cold-cracking-technologies are combined. The outcome is a decentralised and energy self-sufficient compact refinery for oily waste.

To transform the waste oil into fuel, WASTX Oil only needs a fractional amount of the produced fuel itself. A basic fuel is then produced that can be used in conventional combustion engines and generators. The detached residues (approximately 10%) can be disposed of conventionally.