Waste oil is from the various machinery , vehicle, ship replacement down the waste lubricating oil . What are the uses of waste lubricating oil? 

  A waste engine oil refining

  (1) Adding a special catalyst to the waste oil raw material, catalytic cracking at medium temperature , waste oil and various mineral oils can achieve the cracking effect; 

  (2) Gas components obtained after cracking Further catalytic cracking in a fixed bed to obtain oil vapor; 

  (3) fractionation of oil vapor to separately collect gasoline and diesel fractions; 

  (4) gasoline and diesel fractions are separately refined. Through the device that removes impurities, the whole process not only ensures the product quality, but also the equipment investment is simple, the volume can be reduced, the process is simplified, and the production cycle is shortened. The obtained oil has good quality, high transparency, can achieve the same effect as mineral water, has low carbon content, and belongs to unleaded gasoline, which can reach the national standard 93# gasoline standard. The yield is high, and the total amount of oil obtained is more than 90% by weight of the waste oil. 

  The second waste engine oil is used in construction , as a release agent; 

  three as a coating and waterproof material ; 

  four to reduce into a new engine oil; 

  five refining non-standard diesel; 

  six refining base oil.