Waste oil refining is a kind of equipment that can reuse waste oil and other wastes. Such equipment is very important for environmental protection. Then what are the main processes in the use process?,

1,Simple operation and chemical method can be adopted to solve the color and smell of the product.

2, for the waste tire, the use of rotating equipment waste tire oil refining can make the pure waste tire oil rate reach higher.

3, in the exhaust gas treatment, environmental protection equipment equipped with more perfect

4,Fully automatic slag discharge system is adopted to reduce labor intensity of workers.,

5,Reasonable equipment design, advanced manufacturing technology, high degree of automation, complete safety facilities.

Comprehensive utilization is an effective way to reduce waste and old materials. The use of waste engine oil to extract fuel oil can not only solve the problem of waste material treatment, but also expand the source of raw oil and improve economic benefits.

On the waste lubricating oil regeneration and treatment of waste lubricating oil regeneration work abroad, mainly to protect the environment or to think in terms of reducing pollution, and the legislation perfect, for the waste lubricating oil is no longer pollute the environment, or on the waste lubricating oil regeneration process, no longer produces secondary pollution or less pollution, but also saves energy.But the domestic mainly from the waste utilization, turns the waste into the treasure, the chemical harm for the benefit, saves the energy and the resources Angle to consider, therefore in the waste oil regeneration processing aspect carries on the development and the work compares with the foreign advanced and the developed country, the disparity is big.However, with the increasing development of energy resources and the increasing public awareness of environmental protection, China has also carried out various explorations and experiments in the recycling, treatment and utilization of waste lubricating oil, and made some progress.The regeneration treatment of waste lubricating oil not only has the significance of environmental protection, but also can save resources and energy, especially in today’s increasingly depleted oil resources.