Waste motor oil refining is a device that can recycle waste oil and other wastes. Such equipment is very important for environmental protection. So what are the main processes in the process of use?

1, the operation is simple, you can also use chemical methods to solve the color and smell of the product.

2,For waste tires, the use of rotating equipment waste tire refining can make the pure waste tires have higher oil yield.

3,In terms of waste gas treatment, environmental protection equipment is relatively well equipped, with special exhaust gas recovery devices and flue dust removal devices.

4, the use of automatic slag system to reduce the labor intensity of workers.

5,Reasonable equipment design, advanced manufacturing technology, high degree of automation and complete safety facilities.

Comprehensive utilization is an effective way to reduce waste materials. The use of waste engine oil to extract and extract fuel oil solves the problem of disposal of waste materials on the one hand, and expands the source of raw oil and improves economic benefits on the other hand.

To make good use of waste oil, it is necessary to collect and keep a good collection of waste oil waste oil, which is directly related to the effect of processing regeneration and utilization. For example, if it is difficult to restore the original quality by mixing grease or gear oil in the gasoline engine oil, it is not suitable for regeneration. Therefore, the following points should be noted when collecting used oil:

(1) The container for storing waste oil should be cleaned. The container should have a closed lid and gasket to prevent further oxidation or evaporation of the oil to prevent external pollution.

(2) Different types of waste oil should be stored separately. Do not mix the waste oil into the following categories:

waste gasoline engine oil

waste diesel engine oil,

waste kerosene (diesel, gasoline)

Waste gear oil

Waste grease,

(3) The name of the oil should be marked on the waste oil container for identification, and the waste oil drum should be stored separately from the good oil drum to avoid confusion.

(4) During the storage process, waste oil should not be moved as much as possible to facilitate the precipitation of moisture and debris.

(5) When storing waste oil, do not let cotton yarn mix or mix animal and vegetable oil in oil.

(6) The waste oil should be smoked and protected from exposure to sunlight and cold to prevent fire or further deterioration of the waste oil. Some waste oil can be used without regeneration. For example, the waste motor oil after precipitation can be used for the upper layer (in the filter. The clarified gasoline, kerosene, and diesel oil can be used as washing oil (cannot be used as a washing oil for precision instruments).

The collected waste oil cannot be stored for a long time. After the quantity is collected, it should be sold to the relevant department or the waste oil can be regenerated by yourself.